Under 17 Driving Courses

* * * Learn The Basics on a Safe, Off-road Driving Course * *  *

Price: £45 per hour

Whether you are a young teenager, and just want to have a fun day of driving, or are nearer 17 and want to get ahead of the others, a 1 hour driving experience is exactly what you need.

Our off-road training centre in Birmingham is specifically designed to mimic normal roads and training conditions where anybody under the age of 17 can learn to drive with fully qualified, professional driving instructors, in a variety of modern dual-controlled cars!

Be assured
, you will leave us being able to drive, having had a fantastic day.

Be assured
, your children will not only enjoy their time with us, but will also be educated as to the dangers young drivers face when they first start driving for themselves.

What you will achieve:

In your first hour, you can expect to learn:

  * Moving the car off
  * Stopping the car
  * Correct Use of Clutch
  * Correct use of Accelerator
  * Correct use of foot brake
  * An understanding of how to use the ancillary controls
  * Steering correctly
  * Clutch control
  * Using first and second gear
  * Left and Right turns
  * Driving safely at speeds of upto 20mph
Day 2:

  * Recap on skills covered on Day 1
  * Driver Education - Dangers the new drivers face when carrying passengers,
     being distracted and using a mobile phone
  * Overall Stopping Distances - skid avoidance
  * The MSM Driving Routine
  * The Emergency Stop
  * Reversing
  * Third and Fourth gear work
  * Driving at normal road speeds (upto 30mph)
Day 3:

   * Recap on skills covered on Day 2
   * Development of MSM Driving Routine
   * Further Driver Education - Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Driving Whilst Tired and Excess Speed
   * Turn in the Road
   * Reverse Corner
   * Reverse Parking
   * Fourth Gear Work
   * Driving at dual carriage way speeds (of upto 40mph)

To book onto a course you can either click here or contact one of our friendly advisors on 0121 472 6336

Site Address:
St Michael's Church of England School
Curral Rd
Rowley Regis
Birmingham, B65 9AN