Driving Lessons in Great Barr

We specialise in giving Driving Lessons in Great Barr, and the surrounding areas in Birmingham.
Our driving instructors have been teaching learners, and getting them through their driving tests at local test centres for many, many years - and now it's your turn to pass your driving test!
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Local Driving Instructor in Great Barr

Our Local Driving Instructors in Great Barr are ready and waiting, to teach you to drive!
Our primary goal is to make you a safe driver, and to get you through your driving test.  Learning with a local driving instructor will have many benefits, one of which is that they will be very familiar with the Local Roads.  This will allow us to ensure that you always learn on roads that are appropriate to your ability (quieter roads for newer learners!).  
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Intensive Driving Courses in Great Barr

We have been running Intensive Driving Courses in Great Barr for many, many years - with excellent pass rates!
Whatever your ability, our aim with the intensive driving courses, is to get you up to test standard, and through your driving test, in the shortest amount of time possible (usually one week!).
It may sound daunting - but our instructors have a wealth of experience, and part of the process will involve them breaking down the course content into manageable chunks for you to digest easily!
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Cheap Driving Lessons in Great Barr

For Cheap Driving Lessons in Great Barr, look no further!
We have lots of great deals for New Learners in Great Barr, looking to start their driving.
For a breakdown on all of our prices, please visit our Prices Page.
Our best discounts are for brand new learners, but we also offer discounts for experience learners, as well as students and NHS.


Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons in Great Barr

Choosing between Manual and Automatic driving lessons can be a difficult choice!
If you're not sure which to go for, please call our office on: 0121 472 6336, and we'll advise you!
Either way, rest assured that we have both Manual and Automatic Driving Instructors available in your area, and we're ready to get you on the path to passing your driving test!

Male and Female Driving Instructors in Great Barr

Occasionally learners request to take driving lessons with either a male driving instructor, or a female driving instructor.
This isn't a problem, as we have both male, and female driving instructors in Great Barr.
The most important thing, is that you, the learner, are comfortable in your learning environment!
Just make sure that you mention it when booking in, if you have a preference!

Driving Test Centres near to Great Barr

The nearest driving test centres to Great Barr are:

Kingstanding (Birmingham),
Sutton Coldfield (Boldmere),
Wyndley (Sutton Coldfield).

Our driving instructors will be happy to take you to any driving test centre if you have a preference, but these are the closest, and easiest to reach on your driving lessons.  If you're not sure which test centre to go to - our instructor will recommend one based on which is closest, and which test centre they have the best pass rate at!

Book Driving Lessons

To book in driving lessons with us, you can either visit our booking page here, or call one of our friendly advisors on: 

0121 472 6336

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to meet us before booking your driving lessons, you can pop into our head office in Selly Oak, Birmingham.  The address can be found here.

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