Intensive Driving Courses

Pass your driving test in just one week, with our One Week Crash Courses!

At Drivers GB, we offer Intensive Driving Courses tailored to your needs.

Whether you’ve never taken a driving lesson before – or whether you’re almost ready to take your driving test - we have a course that’s right for you.

Book your Course, and start driving today!

Intensive Driving Course Prices:

2 Day Retest Course (7 hours)
recommended if you've failed a test recently 
2 Day Course (10 hours) £435.00
3 Day Course (15 hours) £605.00
4 Day Course (20 hours) £785.00
5 Day Course (25 hours) £965.00
6 Day Course (30 hours) £1125.00
7 Day Course (35 hours) £1285.00
8 Day Course (40 hours)  £1445.00
9 Day Course (45 hours) £1600.00
10 Day Course (50 hours) recommended for brand new learners £1760.00

All course prices include the practical test fee!!

** Please note, if you have not yet passed your theory test we can arrange that for you too – it will cost you £33, and we can incorporate it onto the course! We can also provide you with free theory revision materials!

Prefer to do your Intensive Driving Course in an Automatic Vehicle?  No problem!  Our prices vary for automatic tuition, so please call our office for a quote.

Unsure of which course to go for? Why not book a no-obligation assessment lesson with one of our specialist intensive instructors for just £33.

For more information, to book a course, or to find out about the latest discounts call us on 0121 472 6336

Please note, prices may vary slightly if you're located outside of Birmingham - Please call for more information.